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Expo We

We is not only me.
A worldwide network of women to "feed the planet"

The WE Ambassador

Women of the world, from every culture and nation, are invited to take part in WE. They include high-profile figures from literature and science, art and politics, business and communications, who will be invited to become WE Ambassadors, to spread and testify to the importance of building a network, an all-encompasing WE, or rather, “us”.

  • Samya Abbary

    Samya Abbary

    Actress, Italy

    I think a woman’s touch and sensitivity in the kitchen cannot be matched.

  • Ummi Abdulla

    Ummi Abdulla

    chef and writer, India

    Food wastage is an issue that needs to be dealt with at home first. But for this, it is important that social and government...

  • Patricia Adkins Chiti

    Patricia Adkins Chiti

    President of the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica, Italy and Great Britain

    It is such a pity that women with technical and artistic talents cannot give back to society what they have learnt. Unfortuna...

  • Simonetta Agnello Hornby

    Simonetta Agnello Hornby

    Writer, Italy

    When you cook you should have positive thoughts, you should think about the food not burning, which is good, you have to thin...

  • Saba Al Mobaslat

    Saba Al Mobaslat

    Country Director of Save the Children, Jordan

    “Expo is where the private sector, innovators and a creative approach can demonstrate to the world that solving problems does...

  • Suad Amiry

    Suad Amiry

    writer, Palestine

    The theme of Expo Milan 2015 made me sit up right away for the very simple reason that nutrition is the basis of everything....

  • Antonella Antonelli

    Antonella Antonelli

    Journalist, Italy

    A recipe for feeding the Planet has to begin with sowing seeds: creating allotments everywhere, even in cities, fighting the...

  • Silvia Avallone

    Silvia Avallone

    Writer, Italy

    I think that the historic challenge we face, not only people of my age, but especially younger ones, is that of rebuilding.