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Expo We

We is not only me.
A worldwide network of women to "feed the planet"


Women of the world, hailing from every culture and nation, are invited to take part in WE. They include high-profile figures from literature and science, art and politics, business and communications, who will be invited to become WE Ambassadors, to spread and testify to the importance of building a network, in a single, great WE, “us”.

Anita Nair

Writer, India

"The recipe for a great dish and the recipe for a great life is the same: to want to do something, not to be forced to do it."

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The theme of Expo 2015 is closely linked to the world of women. How can women make a difference?

Women provide sustenance to their children from birth: just think of breastfeeding, the moment we take on this vital role. My mother, who has always been my role model, regularly tells me: “you can give people anything they want but they will never be satisfied. The only thing you can give someone enough of, is food”. Food is possibly one of the best representations, even from the symbolic point of view, of satisfying a need. And this is something that women undoubtedly understand better than men do.


WE, in the sense of “us”: feeling and acting collectively. How important is a female alliance, a network of women for the future of our planet?


I think the time has come for sisterhood to emerge. The worse crimes against women are often committed by other women who, instead, should be understanding and responsible. I believe that, if the Planet and humanity are to survive, it is vital that women realise we are all sisters.


On the subjects of sustainability and nutrition, what is the key theme for women; greater access to economic resources, the right to education, power and equality in politics?


I think all three are equally important to ensure the future of humanity. It is fundamental that women should have equal access to money, education and political power.


Food says a lot about us: our origins, traditions and family ties. Can you tell us which is your favourite food/dish/ ingredient?


Anyone who can cook knows that there is no point in doing so if you do not feel like it, if you are obliged to. The recipe for a great dish and the recipe for a great life is the same: to want to do something, not to be forced to do it.  I do not personally have one single favourite recipe; I love all food and do not consider one type of cuisine better than another. Food transcends borders and good food goes beyond its place of origin. Although of course, being born and raised in India, my country’s cuisine is undoubtedly my comfort food.