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Expo We

We is not only me.
A worldwide network of women to "feed the planet"


Women of the world, hailing from every culture and nation, are invited to take part in WE. They include high-profile figures from literature and science, art and politics, business and communications, who will be invited to become WE Ambassadors, to spread and testify to the importance of building a network, in a single, great WE, “us”.

Franca Degasperi

General Manager of Latinoamericando Expo, Italy

"A woman is so many women together playing many interchangeable roles so it’s natural to cooperate to achieve the common good."

Women and food: how can women make a difference?

In most cultures, women have made a fundamental contribution to the education of the individual and, in particular, have always taken care of the origin and quality of food. This responsibility stems from a primordial connection, an umbilical cord that unites women to nurturing in order to create a deep bond with the aim of taking care of the individual as a whole.
This holistic approach of women is the fundamental trait in which I identify a lot. We are what we eat and, through food, we transmit values ​​and feelings that go far beyond mere nourishment.


It is true that women know how to network and work as a team toward common goals?

Women possess the innate capacity to do many things at once and do them well. This approach makes the everyday balance of contemporary interests and different situations very natural, targeting a common goal, that usually tends to the welfare of the whole community. A woman is so many women together playing many interchangeable roles so it’s natural to cooperate to achieve the common good.


On sustainability and nutrition, what is the key issue for women: greater access to economic resources, the right to education, equality and political power?

In my opinion education is at the core of the social fabric in any community or country in the world. Giving space to knowledge we give dignity to people who can express themselves and assert their abilities. Since political power has factual impact on the interests of the community, one needs to have a strong representation of women who can understand the needs of families and the entire community.
The contribution of women becomes strategic for society. As a mother, then I think there is also an ancestral value that passes through maternal milk, the first food that, along with the warmth, forms the person's physical, moral and emotional structure.


What is your favourite dish / food / recipe?

My favorite recipe is closely tied to my emotional memory, that’s to say to all the women in my family thanks to whom I learned an approach to food based on sharing and love for the people you are cooking for. Through food, we have created strong and indissoluble bonds that are as a brand of love that I will always carry with me and that I hope to pass on to future generations. So there are many recipes that I cherish and even though I have developed a professional approach to food, having written three cookbooks, my favourite recipes are the simplest, that connect me to the authentic flavors of the earth and the deep affections for the people for whom I have prepared these foods.


There is a culture of nourishment that passes through women.
Tell us about a memory of yourself, your family or your country, linked to food.


I was born in Biella and grew up in Peru. From all the places I have visited I have absorbed the culture of nourishment that is primarily linked to the Pachamama, the Mother Earth. The most valuable teaching that the Andean culture has given to me is to thank mother earth before collecting any gift that comes from it, an extended a thanks for all the fruits that it has given us. The most exciting part of food sharing comes from the awareness of contributing to a better world by respecting both the person and the land.