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Expo We

We is not only me.
A worldwide network of women to "feed the planet"


Women of the world, hailing from every culture and nation, are invited to take part in WE. They include high-profile figures from literature and science, art and politics, business and communications, who will be invited to become WE Ambassadors, to spread and testify to the importance of building a network, in a single, great WE, “us”.

Maud Chifamba

Student and activist for the rights of African children and teenagers, Zimbabwe

"I think the fundamental issue for women is the right to education. I’m a strong believer in education for everyone."

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The theme of Expo 2015 is closely linked to the world of women. How can women make a difference?

In Africa we have a saying that if there is only one plate of food in a home, just one, a mother will ensure all her children are fed before feeding herself. This is already makes a difference.

On the subjects of sustainability and nutrition, what is the key theme for women; greater access to economic resources, the right to education, power and equality in politics?

I think the fundamental issue for women is the right to education. I’m a strong believer in education for everyone. If we give women access to economic resources but don’t educate them they will not make the most of the opportunity; the same applies to politics, if they go into politics without adequate education, when they have the opportunity of speaking and intervening they will say and do things that do not makes sense.

You can invite any woman to dinner to discuss the future of the Planet. Who do you choose?

I try to find a quality, a characteristic that I like, in everyone. But if I think of role models, of women that can be an inspiration for the future of our Planet, then I would like to invite Malala, now a Nobel Prize Winner, but also just a student, like me.

Zimbabwe will take part in Expo 2015 with the theme “Food safety and sustainable development: a healthy Zimbabwe” committing to ensure food safety in the whole country and to give value to the role of women as custodians of family traditions. What do you think of this?

I believe that sustainability, food safety and giving value to the role of women are key issues for my country. An excellent choice therefore.

Food says a lot about us: our origins, traditions and family ties. Can you tell us which is your favourite food/dish/ ingredient?

Like many of my peers I love chicken and chips.