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Rose Sakala: starting again from girls

The young student from Malawi at “Expo after Expo”: ”Provide young girls with an education and you will be providing a future for them and their community”.

I am the proof of what an education can do for a girl”. These were the opening lines of the young Malawi student Rose Sakala, on the Expo after Expo stage. Already in July, during Women’s Weeks, twenty-one year old Rose had impressed with her contribution to the Save the Children event “Starting from Girls: They are the Source to Trigger a Change!”. On that occasion she had shared her experience as student of agricultural economics and the situation of schooling for girls in Malawi, highlighting the close link between education and food.


“You cannot study on an empty stomach”, Sakala reminded everyone, emphasizing the fact that women, who in her country make up 80% of the agricultural labour force, can provide the solution to malnutrition. She returned to Expo Milano 2015 in October to take part in the thematic roundtable “The other half of the Planet”, a reflection on post-Expo and the activities set up before and during the Universal Exposition by Women for Expo, where she once again highlighted the importance of education for the empowerment of young girls across the globe.


See her interview on ExpoNet:


Rose Sakala. Every girl knows how to be a mother, and also how to look after the community


The power of education to escape poverty