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Expo We

We is not only me.
A worldwide network of women to "feed the planet"

Who we are


WE-Women for Expo is an Expo Milano 2015 project developed in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori.

WE-Women for Expo International
President - Federica Mogherini 
Honorary President - Emma Bonino
Executive President - Marta Dassù

WE-Women for Expo is a network of women from around the world who speak out and act jointly on the subjects of food and sustainability, and do so placing women’s culture at the heart of an international exposition for the very first time. 

WE-Women for Expo sets its thoughts on women’s role in development and put it within the context of the debate on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which, starting from September 2015, will present a way forward leading to a global commitment to development. 

WE-Women for Expo seeks to transform women’s innate capacity to ‘take care’ into a universal model, a new paradigm that can be a starting point for feeding the planet and rethinking its future. 

WE-Women for Expo, in a world in which 805 million people go hungry, seeks to begin with a new form of awareness and tangible everyday measures against food waste, an absolute imperative for governments and businesses, but above all for single individuals.

WE-Women for Expo believes that Expo Milano 2015 is a chance not to be missed to reflect on women’s crucial role in food production, in nutrition, in responsible consumption, and in the education of future generations.

WE-Women for Expo asks women around the world to work towards a shared objective: access to food for all, in a world where ‘me’ gives way to ‘we’ and where prosperity replaces waste. Because WE is not only ME.